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a little girl who grows up thinking all doors are automatic but actually she’s haunted by a really polite ghost

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my parents and grandparents have all these cool stories about when they were young and the only exciting thing that happened to me was when my dad accidentally called me dad

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Misha Collins: WOW, YOU ALL LOOK LOVELY. If I had a taxidermist on my staff I would have you all stuffed and mount you on the walls of my home. In a sort of life-like, but terrifying pose.

I adore him but also find him highly concerning you feel me

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Guys, please I need your help. I know this isn’t Disneyland or DisneyWorld. It’s my dream college. I want to go to FIlm school, I want to become a director and it’s been my dream to become one. I have so much passion for film making It’s ridiculous. My dream college is over 1,101 miles away from where I live. At first my mother and I were not on the same perspective. She thought I was crazy and would never make it. However, the college called me and found interest in what I can do! I knew that was my chance, so I spoke to my mother again, and unfortunately she hardly agreed this time either. Then I thought of Tumblr, we got a kid to go to DIsneyland, and heck we got a girl a bird! So why not college? If this can get to over 100k notes she says she’ll get one step closer in letting me attend my dream college! I know this might be asking a lot but please help me show my mom that I can make it and chase after my dreams! One reblog can help so much! xx 

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